Bali's Original Saloon.

We have a wide range of popular games. We pride ourselves in providing a good gaming experience and have the nicest tables in town. We also provide sports on the big screen, with 3 large projection screens and 3 large flat screen TVs behind the bar.

Pool Tables

We have six nine-foot tables and one full size snooker table that can be rented by the hour, as well as three smaller coin-operated tables. Our cues are straight and our tables well maintained.

Ping Pong

This wouldn’t be Asia without a ping pong table! Come try your skills against one of the locals.


Play foosball on our well-lit table. We’ve placed the table where there’s plenty of room for a doubles match!


Play darts to your hearts’ content. We’ve set our dart boards in a separate space where you can play without worrying about interruption or interference.

Video Games

We have coin-operated video games with all the classics. Want a game of Golden Tee Golf or Galaga? How about some Pac Man or Donkey Kong?? We got ’em.

Sports on TV

We currently have one large projections screen and 5 TVs ranging from 42″ to 75″

Full Size Snooker  Table: 100K/hour (one hour minimum)

Large Pool Tables: Rp. 60K/hour

Small Pool Table: Rp. 15K/game (2 tokens)

Ping Pong: Rp. 60K/hour (1/2 hour minimum)

Foosball: Rp. 5K/game (1 token)

On large pool tables, pay for however long you play, no minimum amount of time is required. For instance, if you play for 20 minutes, or 1/3 of an hour, you will be charged for only 1/3 of an hour. Your time begins as balls are issued to you. Your time ends as balls are returned to the bar.